Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Travel finalized

Well - I got the offical notice!

Travel Information

Pack your bags!

We are very happy to inform you that we have received confirmation of the consulate appointment, it is 9:00am on 7/10/07. We require your family to arrive in Fuzhou City by 7/1/07 and leave for Guangzhou on 7/7/07. Your local facilitators will be arranged by our travel coordinator, David Pan, who will call you soon to go over this information as well.

The departure date depends upon your schedule; however, the latest day you have to leave the U.S. is 6/29.

On 7/11/07 you will pick up your child’s visa in Guangzhou.
You are then able to fly home on 7/12/07. (If you are flying on China Southern, it may be possible to fly out the evening of the day you pick up your child’s visa.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New pictures and stats for Lucy!

Well, today when I started working, I had the updated stats waiting for me - but most importantly, updated photos! I'm thrilled, and it was a special treat! Here they are:

This is on the grounds of the orphange....

I love this one - she looks determined....

I also got the updated stats I wanted. She is 25 months old, 32 inches tall and 22 pounds (wet). :-) Her feet are 5 inches long (that is big!), and she can say things like "Mai hungry" and "go out". Most importantly, she is in foster care, which has never been shared with me before, so this is big news! Definately something that will be good long term, but will cause some more severe loss and mourning during the transition. I'm bringing food, as they say she eats anything!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Birth control riots in Guangxi

Read more here about Guangxi riots around birth control...

When I will go!

OK. So, Right now it looks like I have a timeline!

June 24 or 25 - go to China
June 25 or 26 - June 30 - Travel time prior to adoption
July 1 - Arrive in province
July 2 - Gotcha Day!
July 10 or 11 - Consulate Appointment (CA)
July 11 or 12 - pick up Visa
July 12 or 13 - HOME!

So, still some open days, but this is getting pretty close!

TA has arrived!!!!

It's official - the last marker on my way to China to get Lucy has arrived! And, I hope to get updated stats on Lucy this week as well - so I'm on my way!!!!

Here are my dates:

LOI 10/4/06
PA 12/19/06
DTC 02/14/07
LID 02/26/07
LOA 04/27/07
TA 05/21/07
to China 06/24/07 or 6/25
CA Appt 07/10/07 - tentative

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Total hyperventilation day for me

OK. TA's are coming fast and furious. Below on the left is another family who is going the Waiting Child (WC) route, and then on the right are my dates....

Other Family
LOI 10/4/06
PA 12/19/06
DTC 01/22/07
LID 01/30/07
LOA 04/19/07
TA 05/15/07
to China 06/03/07
CA Appt 06/14/07

My Dates
LOI 10/4/06
PA 12/19/06
DTC 02/14/07
LID 02/26/07
LOA 04/27/07
to China ?????????
CA Appt ?????????

So now I'm in total freakout mode. I don't want to miss Ella's preschool graduation or the last day of school for Gwenn! Not even counting how I know they will act with me gone for so darn long! So, my hopes are resting with delaying my travel until June 23rd, the day after the last day of school.... and, I'd really love to travel with the family who is also adopting a 2 year old - they sound great, and it would be so much fun to have someone along on the trip!

Deep breath...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Just a quick update on my timeline, since I've had questions:

Call from Agency - 9/1/06
LOI - 10/4/06
PA - 12/19/06
DTC - 2/14/07
LID - 2/26/07
LOA - 4/27/07
TA - ???
Travel - ???

And just in case anyone is interested, I'm looking for someone who wants to travel to China, endure long hours and jet lag, deal with a cranky, displaced two year old and see the sights!


When it rains, it pours!

Well, only 10 simple, carefree days ago I was thinking I would travel by the end of July to China. Since then I have received my letter of acceptance, and now anticipate my travel approval to arrive by the end of May - in just 3-4 weeks! That would have me traveling mid-to-end of June! A full 4-5 weeks earlier than I had thought I would. I could be on the road by June 11, which would REALLY be early! So I'm completely freaking out - since I'm not ready at work to travel at that time, and I'm pretty much not ready anywhere else!

So - now I'm trying to find someone to hire to cover for me at work (not easy), come up with the rest of the money (easier, but still big), deal with getting a new au pair (not easy), and asorbing it all (not easy). I've set so many expectations that it would be late that something happening faster is going to take some getting used to. But, it has to be for a reason, so I'm going with the flow.

OK. That is it for now.