Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, tonight we had a great visit to the after hours clinic. It was nice to see Steph, Jay and Julia there (sorry about the bite - it does get better) - and we had a nice visit to find out why Gwenn's mouth is swollen to at least 2x its usual size.

So what we know: it's not a canker sore, it's not any other lession in her mouth, it's not her gums, it doesn't appear to be her braces.

What we don't know: why her mouth and cheeks are swollen.

So we are going to try a mouth wash for her before meals that will numb her mouth, and make it easier to eat. Let's hope that it works. Today she ate a small amount of ice cream, a small cup of milkshake, some milk, some OJ, and I'm not sure what else. Not enough. Any ideas for food for sore mouths?


Each spring we make our way up to the tulip fields for a celebration of Gwenn's birthday, and as a welcome to spring. This year was fantastic, with lots of pretty blooms, moderately nice weather (meaning it only rained a bit) and lots of fun. We had a great time, and everyone was nice and tired by the end of the day.

Ethiopia adoption

Great article on adoption from Ethiopia, even though it was written last year. I love the NYT!

Vietnam adoption update

Well, it's official. Vietnam has announced that it will end adoptions into the United States, starting on July 1st (meaning no new applicants after that date - they will process for families matched with a child before July 1st).


One... Two..... Three............ Four...........

Six........... Seven................ Eight.......................


Each year for Gwenn's birthday, we head to the tulip fields and take pictures. It's a great way to chronicle her - and to celebrate her birthdays with us. This is a look through the years!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

US Alleges Babyselling - and worse - in Vietnam

A very interesting article just appeared, on alleged babyselling as reported by the US Embassy in Vietnam. The AP is reporting that the bilateral adoption agreement, which expires in September, may not be extended - enforcing yet again another shut down.

Adoption agencies were interviewed by the AP, and echoed the same sentiment - that agencies have to be very careful with which internal agencies and orphanages in Vietnam they will work with - and that there is not yet a standardized program for VN adoptions.

I've heard similar stories from folks adopting from Vietnam - choose your agency with care, and make sure that everything is above board, and report issues to your agency.

Hawaii Pics

Well, here are some great pictures that we took while we were on vacation in Hawaii. We had a great time, got tan, went snorkeling, went to a luau, collected coral on the beach and spent time not doing much of anything.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from vacation

We are back from vacation, tan and shivering in the snow that Seattle still has. As soon as blogger will let me upload photos again, I will add more. However, they are having issues with images on the site, and it may be a while.